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Назад Asli Yaman Asli Yaman


Asli Yaman is the Chief Roast Master at Soyuz Coffee Roasting in Kaliningrad, Russia, Ms. Yaman hails from Istanbul, where she began her career in coffee as the Trainer and R&D Department Manager at wholesale roaster and retailer John's Coffee, a pioneer of specialty coffee in the birthplace of Turkish coffee. Leaving John's in 2008, she joined powerhouse restaurant group Istanbul Doors, where her executive duties included management of coffee operations for the chain's 17 brands. In March 2013, she attended the National Brewers Cup Championship in Turkey where she took the first place and represented her country in Melbourne. Currently, she is preparing herself for becoming a licensed Q-Grader, completing her SCAE Education program while taking active part in workshops & seminars to promote the specialty coffee culture in Russia.

Участвует в мероприятиях

01 October, 13:00 — 15:00
Impact of Roast Profiling on Blending, Brewing and Customers' Preferences
Аудиториум № 12 (MAIN BUSINESS STAGE)

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