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Назад Vladimir Zhuravlev Vladimir Zhuravlev


Vladimir began to learn the profession at the bar Brokerage Corporation, where he was invited by Marat Saddar. Familiarity with the intricacies of craft, he continued in such institutions as the "Rhythm and Blues Cafe" and "Dolls". In 2005, together with Sergei Vladimir Ruhmanov, Marat Saddarov and Nicholas Gribenko organized a nationwide competition LexCocktailChallenge, which had the experience of driving events. In the same year he won the Special Prize at the competition RemyMartinBartenderStyleMasters. In 2007, Vladimir participated in the creation of "Bartender Brothers", where he continued his work as Chief of the Department of Aesthetics. Now his occupation is judging at the bartending competitions, as well as participate in them as a lead, the study of history bartendinga, the creation of materials on this basis, and more.

Участвует в мероприятиях

01 October, 18:00 — 19:00
Russian drinking establishments.
Main Stage
Master class

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