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Назад Dan Streetman Dan Streetman


Prior to becoming the Green Coffee Buyer at Irving Farm, Dan performed sales and barista training for two prestigious wholesale roasters in Texas. But it was a decade ago than Dan started his career in coffee, working as a barista, and that beginning has guided his commitment to the advancement of the barista craft, and world of specialty coffee, ever since. Joining the Barista Guild in 2004, Dan helped organize the first ever Barista Jam in Texas in 2005. He later became the South Central Chapter Representative for the Barista Guild before joining the Executive Council in 2008. As an Executive Council Member, Dan was heavily involved in the development of the Barista Guild's Certificate program. During this time, Dan also worked with the Barista Guild to launch their "Barista Camp" program, which is now a twice-annual 3-day education retreat, where Dan has served as an organizer and SCAA Certified Lead Instructor. Dan currently serves the Barista Guild as the "Immediate Past Chair", and as a member of the Certificate Panel which oversees the BGA Certificate curriculum. Dan's other accomplishments include: - United States Barista Championship Head Judge: 2008- Present - BGA Level 2 Certificate Barista - Certified Q Grader

Участвует в мероприятиях

01 October, 16:00 — 18:00
United States Barista Championship: History, and tasting of previous finalists coffees
Аудиториум № 13 (THE COFFEE BOX)
04 October, 10:30 — 13:30
Specialty Coffee in New York City
Аудиториум № 13 (THE COFFEE BOX)
04 October, 14:00 — 15:00
Degustation with Irving Farm Coffee Roasters
Аудиториум № 15 (BREW BAR)

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