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Назад Sonja Bjork Grant Sonja Bjork Grant


Sonja Bj?rk Grant is a barista, roaster, and barista trainer. She has worked in specialty coffee for 18 years, spending the first 13 years with Kaffitar in Iceland as a barista, trainer, and general manager, quality control as well as creating the company?s extensive training materials. She founded the popular cafe and roastery Kaffismi?ja ?slands in Reykjavik 5 years ago and just recently sold the company to her former business partner. Sonja is one of the pioneers of World Barista Championship and other barista competitions that the World Coffee Events (WCE) organization oversees, and has substantially contributed to the development of the competition judging system. She has been involved with judging and organizing championships around the world since the year 2000. Sonja was awarded the SCAE?s Trainer/Teacher Of The Year award in 2007 in Europe, and she is an SCAE authorrised trainer and certifier for few modules of the diploma system. Sonja travels around the world, giving talks, seminars and making workshops related to training, judging and all the secrets behind running coffee shops. Sonja is a past WCE Chairwoman, and sits on the WCE advisory board and the judges subcommittee, and serves as the SCAE National Coordinator in Iceland.

Участвует в мероприятиях

01 October, 10:30 — 13:30
Judging – the first steps
Аудиториум № 13 (THE COFFEE BOX)
04 October, 14:00 — 16:00
Judging and the influence in cafe's customer service
Аудиториум № 13 (THE COFFEE BOX)

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