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Nikolay Chistyakov Nikolay Chistyakov

Nikolay came to the coffee business 8 years ago starting as many others working as a barista. Coffee has become the interest of the whole life , so Nikolay started to take part in different independent projects to realize himself until he met the outstanding persons CoffeeProject. Working together they turned my radical ideas into life, opened and grew up an unique coffee shop in rough conditions of Urals as Nikolay says. Then they inaugurated the first independent roastery in the region. Then Nikolay was lucky to get acquainted with team of caf? called LES and started another interesting and more radical project. It took a long time to elaborate the menu and the style of the location. Now Nikolay works as a roaster for several projects, makes coffee routes in different cities in Europe and supports talented persons who are really in love with coffee.

04 October, 13:00 — 15:00
Brewing with the champion Coffee shots

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