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Natalia Romanova Natalia Romanova

Position: Manager of the Department of Development at UCG. Education: graduated from the All-Russian Financial and Economic Correspondence Institute, and finished a special course in advertising and marketing at the State University of Management in Moscow. Career: Natalia has been working with the catering industry since 1995. She experienced working in French catering restaurant Potel&Chabot; she also managed to obtain great experience when working at the communications agency SPN Ogilvy PR as a specialist in event-catering; she also took part in forming the Marketing and Sales Department of the well-known Concord Catering Company on the Moscow market. Within four years, Natalia was the Director of Marketing and Business Development for the City Catering Company, and is currently a specialist at the Department of Development with the United Catering Group.

03 October, 13:30 — 14:30
Offsite catering services, working with clients, both private and corporate
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