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Назад Michael de Renouard Michael de Renouard


Authorized trainer and Coffee Diploma System (CDS) certifier in Roasting level 1 and 2, Loring Smart Roast Ambassador and acclaimed Coffee Roasting Expert Worldwide. Michael started his career as wine merchant and professional taster. In 2005 he became a co-owner of the coffee house named Kaffeplantagen in Copenhagen. Two years later – in 2007 – he became the master roaster at Kontra Coffee in Copenhagen. He roasted their coffees, developed roast profiles and was responsible for buying the green beans. In 2009 Michael applied for a job as roaster for Solberg & Hansen, a specialty roaster in Oslo. He was also six times National Barista Judge, Cup of Excellence Judge in Colombia and Brazil and Head Judge at Roasters Choice Awards in Thailand.

Участвует в мероприятиях

01 October, 14:00 — 15:00
Scandinavian roasting and sourcing – it's all about the taste.
Аудиториум № 14 (THE LAB.)

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