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PIR Restaurant equipment
The main international exhibition of HoReCa segment professional equipment in Russia. Extensive exposition of key domestic and world producers and suppliers of restaurant equipment, automation systems, professional crockery, kitchen utensils and furniture.
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PIR Food
The largest exhibition dedicated to restaurant market in Russia and CIS countries. Exhibition demonstrates novelties, familiarizes with leading producers and suppliers of food products, represents the most interesting complex solutions and services for restaurants and other catering facilities.
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Moscow Ñoffee and Tea expo
International exhibition for tea and coffee industry professionals. Extensive exposition of equipment, materials and service products, as well as extensive training program for baristas, barmen, coffee roasters; managers and owners of cafes, restaurants, bars, coffee houses and other industry experts.
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Moscow Bar Show
International exhibition for bar industry professionals. It introduces producers and suppliers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, equipment and services. Participants of the exhibition are leading foreign and Russian barmen, mixologists, bar owners and managers, designers, architects.
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Hotel. Construction and exploitation
International exhibition for owners, investors, developers and professionals of restaurant business. Exposition of companies supplying equipment and services for hotels is accompanied by heavy business program on current issues of the industry.
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Main stage: Russian cuisine — new horizons
An exclusive project of the year. 20 top chefs will present at the scene of the Central arena Russian cuisine, which can conquer the world. They will share their insights and thoughts about its present and future. 3 days of outstanding half-hour workshops in the new format.
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